Now open!

Opening at 222 E. 8th St. Marysville, OH 43040

Walking Distance Brewing is working hard to bring a locally owned brewery to Uptown Marysville. We're revitalizing a historic building to create a space that brings friends, family, and local businesses together through the experience of craft beer.

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Our Beer

Camp Fire

Ohio Boii

American Ale | 4.6% | Grown in Marysville

After a hard day's work, an Ohio Boii knows how to pull a truck up to a burning mattress, sit on the bed and crack a cold one with a basic, clean, crisp, and refreshing taste. This one's for you, Ohio Boii. 

Rusty Old Truck

Ohio Boii Lite

American Lite Ale | 3.1% | Grown in Marysville

A light refreshing, spritzy, biscuity, low alcohol beer perfect for watching football. You can have another one of these! 

Blue Infant Shoes

Baby Steps

IPA | 4.3% | Grown in Marysville

Our baby steps is the first beer we'll brew on our new system. It's an easy going IPA brewed with local grains, and local comet and nugget hops.



Pumpkin Ale | 5.3% | Grown in Marysville

Autmn is here and in full swing! Watch the leaves fall as you drink this beer. 250 lbs. of pumpkins are packed into this bad boy!


Dash of Dank

IPA | 6.7% | Grown in Marysville

West coast IPA drinkers rejoice! This beer was made with a whole lotta love, and a dash of dank. Made with 100% of hops and 100% grains grown in Marysville!


Morning Stroll

Stout | 5.0% | Grown in Ohio

Dark, complex, malty flavor to deliver a nice casual pint reminiscent of a morning coffee. Relax, and sip your coffee stout.


Off the Wheaten Path

American Wheat Ale | 4.3% | Grown in Marysville

A refreshing wheat ale, complemented by fruit overtones. Perfect for a relaxing walk on a path less travelled.


THE Seltzer

Seltzer | 5.7%

Just plain good seltzer. A great base seltzer, that we add different flavors into - buy plain, bring home and add to your mixed drinks, or have us mix you one! 


Brick Wall